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At Grant Thornton we help dynamic organisations around the world unlock their potential for growth.


Our progressive thinkers offer services to help create, protect and transform value today, so you have opportunity to thrive tomorrow.


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Our tax services help you gain trust and stay ahead, enabling you to manage your tax transparently and ethically.

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Our outsourcing services remove the burden and worry of back office processes and reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

    Managing Partner/CEO

    Dr (Mrs) Ngozi Angela Ogwo

    Dr (Mrs) Ngozi Angela Ogwo
    Grant Thornton Nigeria have elected its first female Managing Partner to lead the strategic growth market firm. She has been a partner with the firm since 2000 and led the audit unit until 2014 before moving to head up the advisory service line.
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    Dr (Mrs) Ngozi Angela Ogwo

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    Grant Thornton Nigeria has the capability and capacity to deliver projects covering the full business life cycle, or any part therein.

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    SUSTAINABLE FINANCE AND ESG REPORTING: Driving positive change in markets

    Sustainable finance refers to making investment decisions that consider the social and environmental impacts, rather than financial returns solely, which leads to increased longer-term investments into sustainable economic activities and projects.

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    Pathways to Parity
    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pathways to Parity
    2024 marks the 20th year of monitoring and measuring the proportion of women occupying senior management roles around the world.
    Round-up of 2023 sustainability reporting
    Sustainability Round-up of 2023 sustainability reporting
    Sustainability reporting highlights from 2023 to keep you up to date and on top of your sustainability-related reporting journey.
    Sarah Carroll
    | 14 min read |
    Mid-market businesses look past slowdown and plan for growth
    International business Mid-market businesses look past slowdown and plan for growth
    Although there are signs of an improving global economic outlook, mid-market firms are under no illusions about the difficulties ahead.
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